SassiCoco boutique

Life is happy for Jade MacCallum, owner of SassiCoco Boutique. “It’s impossible not to smile when you’re working among beautiful clothing every day,” she said.

The boutique, located in the Toombul Shopping Centre, is named after her daughters, Sassi & Coco (nicknames that stuck), and is home to an eclectic range of pieces.

Jade feels that the range reflects her own personal style – which changes with her mood. “one day I feel Boho and the next, Biker Chic. There is definitely something here for everyone.”

Having worked in the industry since she was fifteen, Jade knows fashion. She stocks on-trend pieces that are unique. Jade says that when you shop at a boutique like SassiCoco, you are guaranteed items that haven’t saturated the market.

The store’s motto: ‘My Favourite Shop’ evolved from the overwhelming response of customers who enjoyed their experience. Jade says “We want people to browse and not feel pressured here.” She knows the impact a great outfit can have. “You feel amazing.

You feel good about yourself. There is a spring in your step. I love bringing people through that experience. It’s nice to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Pictured above – left to right: Yasmin (Sassi), Jade, eva & Demi (Coco)

Stop by to check out their current sale, along with the fun, new pieces in store for this season. Or visit their website to shop online: